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Myspace Photo of TomStarting with Myspace

First, there was Myspace, long before companies become engaged in social media. It was a way for individuals to have their own personal space on the web, except some say in reality it was a plot that a guy named Tom made in order to instantly gain billions of friends.

Facebook VS MyspaceFacebook Crushes Myspace

Since Tom demonstrated his ability to use the internet to gain billions of friends and provide a way for people to connect virtually, others started catching on. The second person to have major success was a guy named Mark Zuckerberg. He created something called “The Facebook”, which was re-titled to “Facebook” before it blew up into what is now the most visited social media website in the US. This pretty much took over Myspace’s users.

Tweeting on TwitterTwitter Tweets Make Some Noise

Then, a bunch of birds got together and decided to create a website called Twitter, so anyone can do what birds like to do – Tweet to the whole world and not just their circle of friends. This time, something different happened. Twitter become known all around the world, yet it did not take over Facebook. Both Facebook and Twitter continued to succeed.

Social Media EvoluptionEveryone Gets Involved

From there, everyone decided to create a social media website. From Google, the leading internet search giant, to individuals programming in their parents’ basement, people were working on creating the next big “social media” website. Throughout the next several years, everything went haywire and social media websites started popping up all over the map.

Today's Social WebsitesPopular Social Sites Today

Today, there are hundreds of social media websites out there, but it is ultimately the users who dictate which ones become popular. Some of today’s most popular social media websites and apps include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Google+.

How do we navigate this confusing digital world of social media?! Hire some birds to send off some Tweets? Can birds create strategies? No, that is not the solution.

How We Can Help with Your Social Media

Social media “professionals” exist, and there is strategy behind the posts they make on social websites. They are able to learn about company goals comprehensively and leverage social media in order to further progress with those goals.

We are knowledgeable with tools we utilize to see many conversations all at once across multiple social media platforms. These tools are powerful enough to create an automated conversation all on their own, but we realize the most important aspect to be social is the human element. Our minds and our experience dictate what happens across our clients’ social media presence. After objectives are determined, strategies are implemented to push the evolution of your social media presence into an appropriate direction to help accomplish company goals.

Here is a list of purposes for executing strategy behind social media:

  • Connecting with current clients or past customers in order to keep your brand in their mind and establish a greater level of brand trust
  • Joining conversations revolving around major influencers in your industry in order to further associate with them and reach a point where we can connect with them as a resource
  • Determining thought patterns and demographics of potential customers within your market
  • Finding out the concerns of potential customers
  • Discovering groups, pages, and communities that people within your market gravitate toward and participating in that conversation
  • Keeping your community informed about latest company or product updates
  • Creating a “voice” online where you can speak for your company and resolve any negative discussion or conflicts around your brand
  • Increasing company growth and sales

There are other possible objectives as well, depending on what your company needs. Any combination of the above could be part of your social media strategy. We offer both social media strategy consulting and social media management services.

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