Pay Per Click (PPC) E-commerce Product Advertising

Your products can be promoted with pay per click advertising campaigns in order to increase sales. We specialize in Google Adwords and Facebook advertising for e-commerce products, and we stay current with the latest PPC advertising features from leading e-commerce marketplaces. Every advertising campaign is custom tailored for the clients’ brand and products, but Google Shopping campaigns and Facebook product retargeting campaigns are common.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping PPC CampaignWhen you search Google for a particular product and find results that show a product photo and price, this is a feature of Google Shopping. We work with you to import your products into Google’s product database, and then run shopping campaigns within Adwords to make your products more visible when consumers are searching for them. We can optimize the product data to target specific keywords being searched to find your products.

Facebook Retargeting

Facebook AdvertisingDo you often see products you have recently viewed show up on Facebook? This is a result of retargeting campaigns, which is when ads specifically target individuals who have already viewed specific products on your website. It often takes three or more times for a consumer to be exposed to a product they are considering before they commit to buying it. When your visitors browse through your website products, remarketing lists can be automatically generated that contain all of the visitors to a particular product or page on your website. Then, we create advertisements that target those remarketing lists. Products or product collections are advertised to consumers who have already expressed interest in them while browsing your website.

PPC Campaign Conversion TrackingPPC Conversion Tracking

All of our PPC campaigns allow us to track conversions. This enables us to know exactly how well each campaign strategy is working, and where to focus our efforts. We can also detect irrelevant search terms that are not bringing any conversions to your products and filter them out of your campaign so your products no longer show up for those searches. Conversion tracking helps assure your advertising budget is spent wisely in order to increase sales and click value.