E-commerce Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Getting your products listed is not the only step in making sure your potential customers see them. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, can be applied across both your website and marketplaces to increase your product visibility and assure the right people are finding your items. When it comes to your E-commerce website, the overall structure, page content, and product photos can all be optimized to increase your exposure on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other popular search engines.

We pair proven search optimization techniques with content promotion strategies in order to achieve competitive placement in search results.

The steps below give a general outline of our process, which may be modified depending on your company needs.

E-commerce Product ResearchDetermining Brand & Product Identity

We want to accomplish an accurate understanding of your brand and the products you sell. Unique Selling Propositions (USP’s), are qualities that are totally unique to your products or company, making them stand out against your competitors. We work to determine any USP’s we can target, as well as an overall understanding of your product and target audience. Having comprehensive knowledge about your products helps us move forward with targeting the right keywords for your customer demographic.

Product Keyword ResearchProduct Keyword Research

Once we know what your customers are seeking and what it is about your products they want to find, we investigate how they are searching for your products. We use data analysis tools and search observation techniques to determine what keywords and keyword phrases are commonly used in order to find your products on search engines. This data is valuable across all of your selling channels, since even your marketplaces have search engines. It can be applied to both your website and e-commerce marketplaces.

E-commerce Website StructureWebsite Structure

Can your products be classified into specific categories that your potential customers are seeking? In e-commerce, these are sometimes referred to as product collections. Our keyword research helps determine whether or not your collections are set up ideally for your products to become more visible.

Is your website easy to navigate? Usually, when your products are easier to navigate for your website visitors, they are also easier for Google and other search engines to find. The process search engines use to find new content to be added to their database and considered for search results is called indexing. None of the pages on your website will show up on a search engine without being indexed first. We are knowledgeable about how to make sure new content gets indexed faster, and how to increase the likelihood of your webpages getting ranked higher.

Product Page SEOProduct Page Optimization

Your product pages should have unique content optimized to target common search queries related to the specific items you sell. It is important for your specific product pages to be reviewed and enhanced to increase the probability of them being found by your target demographic. Consumers are searching for products online every day. Landing on product pages that accurately fulfill their search queries will greatly increase the chances of converting into sales. Product optimization for search assures your product matches the right search queries, and helps your products rank higher for relevant search terminology.

Content PromotionContent Creation & Promotion

In addition to having an optimized website, it is important to have a content creation and promotion strategy in place. Creating content both on your website and elsewhere online helps increase numerous ranking factors that work in-hand with your website optimization to accomplish competitive search rankings. We can help determine the best places to place your content and channels to promote your content in order to get your brand presence in front of your target audience. If your brand has a strong online presence across a variety of relevant channels, your pages will become more favorable in search engine algorithms, resulting in higher rankings.

SEO Analytics for E-CommerceAnalysis

After implementing your SEO strategy, analytic software can be used to determine the level of performance. We can see where traffic is coming from, what pages visitors are landing on, how much time they are spending on your website, visitor demographics, conversions, and more! This data is reviewed to assure your SEO campaign is yielding results and determine ways to enhance SEO efforts even further.